Retrograde Planets and Endometriosis


Aims and Objectives:
Examining the malefic effect of retrograde planets on 5th house or the 5th lord and malefic effect of a retrograde 5th lord.

Materials and Methods: Time, date and place of birth were collected from 85 patients who were diagnosed to be having Endometriosis. For control group the data of 45 healthy women has been collected. After analyzing their birth charts using astrology software, the 5 th house afflictions due to retrograde planets have been determined.

Afflictions in the charts of patients and of healthy subjects have been compared by doing Chi-square/ Fisher Exact test.

Results: After doing Chi-square/ Fisher Exact test, statistically significant association is found for afflictions of retrograde planets , with P=0.004. The Odds ratio is 3.04 which explains that women with 5th house afflictions on account of retrograde planets are 3.04 times more prone to develop Endometriosis. It has also been found that retrograde Jupiter as 5th lord and retrograde Saturn by afflicting the 5 th house and 5th lord most commonly cause endometriosis .

Author: Dr.T.Srilakshmi M.B.B.S., Dr.L.Jayanthi Reddy M.D.,D.G.O, Dr.N.Sridevi M.D & Dr.K.Anuradha FRCOG
Category: Gynaecology

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