Aims &Objectives: Examining the effect of an afflicted 7th house and 7th lord in cases of chronic renal failure.

Materials and Methods: This is a Pilot study. The time, date and place of birth were collected from 60 patients who were undergoing hemodialysis with end stage renal failure. For control group the data of 30 healthy people has been collected. After analyzing their birth charts using astrology software, afflictions to the 7 th house and 7th lord by a natural malefic who is also a functional malefic to 7th house and who has permanent and temporary enmity towards 7th lord have beenidentified. Afflictions to the charts of the patients and the healthy subjects have been compared by using Pearson’s chi-squared’ Test.
Results: When we compared the afflicted 7th house and 7th lord of the patients with those of healthy group, we got significant association (p <0.0001). The odds ratio was found to be 15.6 with 95% confidence limits, which explains that people with afflicted 7 th house and 7th lord are 15.6 times more prone to develop kidney failure than people with unaffiliated 7th house and 7th lord.

Conclusion: People with afflicted 7th house and 7th lord in a birth chart are more prone to develop renal failure

Author: Dr.T.Srilakshmi, R.Manoj, Dr.J.Praveen, Dr.K.R. Sundaram & Dr. Harish Kumar.
Category: Nephrology

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