Description Of Planets

Sun :It is a Pitta planet. Sun governs digestive power and immunity, heart and raktadhatu (probably white blood cells). It indicates heart-diseases, digestive disorders and autoimmune disorders.

Pungent taste is related to Sun. Herbs and Food items having pungent taste can be ascribed to Sun.

Some examples are: Onion, Radish, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Black Pepper, Clove, Mustard-seed, Cayenne and Asafoetida Salsa etc.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Sun is as follows:

Japaakusuma-saknkaasham kaashyapeyam mahaadyutim

Tamorim sarva-paapaghnam pran’ato~smi Divaakaram    

(I bow down to the sun – who is red like the color of the hibiscus; who is the son of Kashapa Rhishi; who is very bright and radiant; who is the destroyer of darkness; who is the destroyer of all sins)

Moon: It is a Kapha planet. It governs plasma Lymph and breast. If Moon is afflicted in a chart, it causes mental disorders. As a Kapha planet in 4th house, it causes Polycystic ovarian syndrome in females.

Salty taste is ascribed to Moon. Examples are: Sea-salt, Rock-salt, Kelp etc.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Moon is as follows:

Dadhi-shaknkhatush’aaraabham kshiirodaarn’ava-sambhavam

Namaami shashinam Somam Shambhor-mukut’a-bhuush’an’am

 (I bow down to the moon – who is white and lustrous like curd, the conch and droplets of water; who arose from the churning of the ocean called kshira-sagar; who gives beauty to Lord Shiva’s crown.)

Mars : It is a Pitta planet. It governs gall bladder and bile muscular tissue and raktadhatu (probably redblood cells). It indicates accidents, inflammatory disorders, and allergic disorders like asthma.  Affliction to Mars causes muscular weakness.

Bitter taste is related to Mars. Bitter is the most effective taste for controlling Mars energy. Herbs and Food items having bitter taste can be ascribed to Mars.

Some examples are: Dandelion root, Holy Thistle, celery, Sprouts, Fennu greek, Gentian root bitter gourd etc.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Mars is as follows:

Dharan’ii-garbha-sambhuutam vidyut-kaanti-samaprabham

Kumaaram shakti-hastam tam makngalam pran’amaamyaham 

  (I bow down to Mars – who was born from the earth; who is as bright as lightening; who is a divine youth with great power in his hands.)  

Jupiter: It is a Kapha planet.  It governs Liver and gallbladder. It indicates diseases due to accumulation of excess Kapha. In adverse position it causes Diabetes.

Sweet taste is related to Jupiter. Herbs and Food items having sweet taste can be ascribed to Jupiter. Some examples are: Almonds, Cashew, Licorice-root, Peppermint, dates, Raw Cane sugar, slippery elm, Corn, Oats, Beet, Coconut, Melons, Sweet molasses etc.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Jupiter is as follows:

Devaanaayncha rhush’iin’aayn cha Gurum kaaynchana-sannibham

Buddhibhuutam trilokesham tam namaami Bruhaspatim       

(I bow down to Guru (Jupiter) – who is the master of all the Gods and Rhishis; who shines like gold; who embodies immense wisdom; who has control over earth, heaven and hell.)

Mercury : It is a Vata planet. It rules over healthy side of Vata. It governs nervous system and speech. It indicates nervous disorders. Mixed taste is related to Mercury.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Mercury is as follows:

Priyakngu-kalikaa-shyaamam ruupen’aa-pratimam Budham

Saumyam saumya-gun’opetam tam Budham pran’amaamyaham         

(I bow down to Budha (Mercury) – who is the color of wheat and the bud of the Priyangu plant; who is very beautiful; who is calm and quiet in nature.)

Venus : It is a Kapha planet. It governs ovaries in females and testicles in males. It indicates diseases due to excess sensual pleasures. Sour taste is related to Venus. Herbs and Food items having sour taste can be ascribed to Venus. Some examples are: Citrusfruits, Tomatoes, Berries, Salad dressing, Alcohol, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Yogurt, Green grapes, Hibiscus etc.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Venus is as follows:

 Himakunda-mrun’aalaabham daityaanaam paramayn gurum

Sarva-shaastra-pravaktaaram Bhaargavam pran’amaamyaham   

(I bow down to Bhargav (Venus) – who has the appearance of ice, the Jasmine flower and the stem of the lotus; who is the master of the demons; who has knowledge of all the sciences.)

Saturn :  It is a Vata planet and rules over joints, bones, ligaments and Knees. Saturn indicates chronic complaints. It also indicates diseases due to accumulation of all types of toxins. Oxidative stress can be correlated to Saturn. Astringent taste related to Saturn. Herbs and Food items having Astringent taste can be ascribed to Saturn. Some examples are: Alum, Pomegranate, Unripe Banana, Myrrh, Golden seal, Turmeric, Celery, Green-apples, Cauliflower, Lentils, Lettuce, Dried beans, grape-skin.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Saturn is as follows:

Niilaaynjana-samaabhaasam Raviputram Yamaagrajam

Chhaayaa-Maartan’d’a-sambhuutam tam namaami Shanaishcharam      

(I bow down to Shani (Saturn) – who is blue like the color of Nilanjan; who is the son of the sun; who is the elder brother of Yama (the God of death); and who is the son of Chhaya and the sun)


RAHU :  Rahu is Vata in temperament. Rahu indicates mysterious diseases and epidemics. Rahu when afflicts Moon causes psychological diseases.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Rahu is as follows:

Ardha-kaayam mahaaviiryam Chandraaditya-vimardanam

Simhikaa-garbha-sambhuutam tam Raahum pran’amaamyaham    

(I bow down to Rahu (north node) – who has no body, only a head; who has great power; who can trouble even the moon and the sun; and who is the son of the female demon Sinvikha)

KETU:  Ketu is Pitta in temperament . Ketu also indicates mysterious diseases. Like Mars, it indicates accidents, infection, inflammation and bleeding.

Stotra to nullify malefic effect of Ketu is as follows:

 Palaasha-push’pa-saknkaasham taarakaagraha-mastakam

Raudram raudraatmakan(g) ghoram tan(g) Ketum pran’amaamyaham   

(I bow down to Ketu (south node) – who is red like the color of the Palasa tree (flame tree); who has the stars and planets as his head; who is frightening by nature; who is harsh in action and fierce in nature.)