Description Of Medical Astrology

Ancient Indian practitioners used to give importance to horoscope of the patient and Medical astrology is interrelated to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine developed 4000 years ago. They also believed in “Muhurtha” the auspicious day or moment for starting treatment. Ancient Indian doctors like Charak and Shusruta who practiced Ayurveda were well versed in the knowledge of Astrology. Based on arrival time, gait and appearance of the patient, Sushruta used to guess the ailment. The Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks also believed in the effect of the Sun and Moon on human behavior.

The 12 signs of Zodiac represent the body parts of Kalapurusha (the time eternal). For example, Aries represents head of Kalapurusha. The signs that have benefic planet’s influence (either by planet’s presence or aspect ) will strengthen that limb of native, in which it is situated in the body of the Kala Purusha. Thus the Human body is the micro cosmos representing macro cosmos. For example in a person’s birth chart if Saturn is situated in Aries and devoid of any benefic planet’s influence, the person will be subjected to headache and injuries to head( BPHS pp 51). Medical astrology is the study of relationship between the individual microcosmos and macrocosmos.


An individual’s birth chart gives a clear picture about the influence of these Cosmic counter parts on the physical body and Astral body of that person and also his physical and mental health. Examining birth charts is an instantaneous, non-invasive procedure through which we can assess the chances of getting a disease even before its manifestation.

Each sign and each planet has been ascribed to certain primordial element like air for Saturn, earth for Mercury, Fire for Aries, Earth for Taurus etc..( BPHS pp 23) These elements influence physiological and psychological functioning of the human body. Equilibrium of primordial compounds is important for maintaining good health. In a horoscope if a planet is situated in a sign whose element is opposed to the element of planet, then there are chances for the limb represented by house or sign to get disease . 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi assigned immense importance to Medical Astrology in his Vedic Approach to Health. “Maharishi Jyotish” uses correlations between physiology and its counterparts in the environment as the basis of a technology for prediction and diagnosis of adverse health events .

A birth chart gives a clear picture about influence of these Cosmic counter parts on the physical body and astral body of that person and also his physical and mental health. Each planet is given control over some Dosha or humor. Thus, (1) the type of the disease can be indicated by nature of planet; (2) the site of the disease can be indicated by particular sign influenced by a planet; and (3) the period of suffering is indicated by Dasas and Bhukti of that planet.  Medical Astrology is useful in assessing the timing, prevention, diagnosis, severity and outcome of the disease and treatment for the disease.