Aims and Objectives:

Examination of malefic affect of Kapha (Phlegm) planets, namely Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon on the fourth house in the birth charts of patients with Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Materials and Methods:
This is a Pilot study. The time, date and place of birth were collected from 60 patients who were diagnosed to be having Polycystic ovarian syndrome. For the
control group the data of 30 healthy people has been collected. After analysing their birth charts, affliction to fourth house from Kapha related planets Jupiter, Moon and Venus has been determined. Affliction in the charts of the patients and of healthy subjects has been compared by doing Chi-square/ Fisher Exact test.

After doing Chi-square/ Fisher Exact test, statistically significant association is found for afflictions of Jupiter and Moon, with p<0.001 and p=0.027 respectively.
The odds ratio is 11.45 and 5 for the affliction of Jupiter and Moon respectively which indicates that people with these afflictions are 11.45 and 5 times more prone to develop Polycystic ovarian syndrome than others.

Author: Dr.T.Srilakshmi M.B.B.S. & Dr.L.Jayanthi Reddy M.D.,D.G.O.
Category: Gynaecology 

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