Aims and Objectives:
Examining the malefic effect of retrograde Ascendant lords of Raasi/ Navamsa at birth and of various other planetary combinations for caesarean section in new born babies with breech presentation.

Materials and Methods:
Date and time of 100 Caesarean sections done for breech presentation were collected from hospital records at Hyderabad for experimental group. Date and Time of 100 normal vaginal deliveries with cephalic presentation were also collected from same hospitals for control group. After analyzing their birth charts using Astrology software afflctions due to retrograde Ascendant lords of Raasi/Navamsa at birth have been determined. Afflictions in the charts of babies of both groups have been compared by doing Chi-square test.

Results: After doing Chi-square test, statistically significant association is found for afflictions of these retrograde planets, with P<0.001.

Author: Sri lakshmi,
Category: Obstetrics

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